Guide for Karibana Golf Club Cartagena

Cartagena is the beauty among the Caribbean Sea. It is one of those places, where you would like to spend your vacations and still wish to visit again. Cartagena is full of life, with seas and waterbody around. In the colonial period, Cartagena was also known as Cartagena de Indias. This port was found back in 153l. It is said that if you wish to experience the beauty of nature, you should visit Cartagena. Cartagena offers for a pleasant weather all around the year. If you have been planning a great vacation and event, Cartagena may be the ideal spot.

The Golf game

If you are in Cartagena and having a lazy day, you can go golfing. Golf maybe the ideal sport for you if you are a pro in the game. Nevertheless, if your vacation at Cartagena has become slightly boring, you can definitely try out the golfing around the Cartagena. Apart from the boating rentals and events, golf Cartagena is one of the major attractions too. The golf courses in the place has a warm weather throughout. Cartagena has become a hub for the travelers who are drawn towards culture and wish to tour the place with affordable accommodations.

The several resorts in Cartagena offer for the best fields for playing Golf. There are some resorts in Cartagena that host the golf championship for their customers too. One such prominent package that you can opt for if you are looking for golfing, Hi Cartagena maybe the ideal choice for you. If you wish to rush to the fields of the Cartagena with your friends, they can help you with all the accommodations. If you have tried out all the party places in Cartagena, then golfing is a must try too.

The Package by HI Cartagena

Hi Cartagena arranges for the package of golf for its customers. Its main aim is to perfectly cater to the needs of the clients. They are always there to help you with your clients and to draw you out in case of problems. The team of Hi Cartagena makes up a complete package so that you can enjoy your golf time in Cartagena. The package offered by them includes:

  • They will offer a pickup at 7am and offer tea to the clients at 9am
  • After your pickup, they will take you to the beautiful exotic luxurious restaurants for the breakfast.
  • Post breakfast, you will be headed to the Karibana golf club where you will get the chance of preparing yourself for the game.

If you had been suffering from small problems such as holding to the ball in the sand, they have even got the professionals who can help you with the game. They will guide you through the complete process of playing the game.

Not only the games, they even plan some refreshing drinks and enjoy the game while you make your friends awestruck by your game. If you wish to much on steak and whiskey, they can offer you those too. So, if you have been planning to visit the city, you can give Hi Cartagena a shot and try out golfing in Cartagena.

The prices usually vary for the golf trips. If you have been planning a golf trip at Cartagena with Hi Cartagena, then you should know the price for the whole golf package is 260USD.

Nevertheless, you should be knowing that Cartagena isn’t only about golf. It is so much more than that. Cartagena is the place of rich historic culture. It is full of historic churches and the city is full of colors and shopping malls. Even the smallest details of Cartagena are extremely beautiful.

You can take a long walk at the city of Cartagena and visit the historic churches and colorful malls. Next you can enjoy the local food at the local exotic restaurants of Cartagena. You can even witness live music at some of the restaurants. Cartagena is an ideal destination for the vacation.


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