How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Cartagena?

Your bachelor party is going to be the time; you will be celebrating your single hood. Thus, you should make it something to remember. Why only let it last for a few days? You should make it last longer by planning a trip with your boys. One of the most ideal destinations that you can pick for you and your boys to have fun should be Cartagena. To be noted, Cartagena has become the hub for bachelor parties. Cartagena based in Colombia can help you get whatever you're looking for. There are several restaurants for great food, you can go around drinking on roads and so much more.

Cartagena's beauty is what attracts the people to it. This Colombian city is surrounded by Caribbean Sea on all sides. So, you not only get to relish the inland fun of Cartagena but the seaside fun as well. With several beautiful beaches and coral reefs, you are sure to have a bachelor party that you're going to remember. Also, to take a note, Cartagena can be really affordable if you have your budge…

Why Cartagena should be your Next Holiday Destination

Explore the beauty of Cartagena and discover the best time and places to visit. Cartagena de Indias is the queen of the Caribbean coast, a fairy-tale city with unique old style build. Here a few reasons to start planning a holiday trip to Cartagena.
The Old Town

Cartagena is a standout amongst the most lovely pilgrim urban areas in Colombia. Settled on the Caribbean drift, its magnificence gives a false representation of a revolting truth: that it was based on gold and servitude. In any case, it remains a remarkable goal; a place where brilliant sprouts spill from fancy galleries; where sweethearts watch dusks from the city dividers; where ponies and trucks bang through the boulevards; and glimmer swarms move in pretty courts.
Hi Medellin Tour

I strolled throughMedellintwo or three years prior. "Much obliged for coming." Such welcome are normal in Colombia's second city, which as of not long ago was ground zero. However Medellin is a city renewed: workmanship, tourism and…

Discover Cartagena in One Day Bike Tour

Cartagena is Old build city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and one of the popular tourist places of the country, with most attractive old colorful towns in the world. Are you planning to visit Colombia, you have to stop in Cartagenato explore the history.

Cartagena may be a stunning and historic town abundant with quaint very little scenes from secluded cafes and restaurants to active squares throughout the old town. However over the years personal leisure in Cartagena. It’s maybe a town that can’t be seen from the rear of a taxi or from behind the wheel of a rental automotive. Cartagena ought to be experienced—breathed in profoundly if you'll. And whereas strolling town on foot may be an excellent way to try to that, there’s most to check that walking alone can probably leave you wanting. So, the best way is to explore Cartagena: Rent a Bike.
Many of the Cartagena bike tours are designed for flexibility. If you only wanted to take on bike tour during your stay, there are so m…

Guide for Karibana Golf Club Cartagena

Cartagena is the beauty among the Caribbean Sea. It is one of those places, where you would like to spend your vacations and still wish to visit again. Cartagena is full of life, with seas and waterbody around. In the colonial period, Cartagena was also known as Cartagena de Indias. This port was found back in 153l. It is said that if you wish to experience the beauty of nature, you should visit Cartagena. Cartagena offers for a pleasant weather all around the year. If you have been planning a great vacation and event, Cartagena may be the ideal spot.

The Golf game
If you are in Cartagena and having a lazy day, you can go golfing. Golf maybe the ideal sport for you if you are a pro in the game. Nevertheless, if your vacation at Cartagena has become slightly boring, you can definitely try out the golfing around the Cartagena. Apart from the boating rentals and events, golf Cartagena is one of the major attractions too. The golf courses in the place has a warm weather throughout. Carta…

Best Wedding Destinations in Cartagena

Ever since childhood, a girl wishes to have a dream wedding with a beautiful white dress, a soft breeze around and the shine of the sun gently kissing the cheeks. The girls of everything that could make her wish of a romantic wedding come true. And what else is more appealing than a wedding venue? The world is such a beautiful place to get your ideal wedding venue. This makes your wedding no less than any dream. One of the best wedding destinations in Cartagena. You will experience your dream wedding with such amazing views surrounding you and the events that are to cheer up your heart.

Why Cartagena? If you are considering to get married, then Cartagena may prove to be the ideal locations. With seas surrounding all sides, the breeze and the environment are definitely to cheer up your mood.
Cartagena is in the heart of the Caribbean coast if Colombia. This small Spanish city is filled with enthusiasm and is always in the festive mood, thus a perfect spot for the vacation. Cartagena is…

Selecting The Best Boat Rental in Cartagena

A colorful colonial building, rich history, beautiful beaches, magical walls is the way to describe this city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast –Cartagena. If you are looking for incredible destination for your honeymoon, family vacation, graduation or birthday, look no more. Cartagena is the place to be. With a powerful travel company like Hi-Cartagena to guide, you don’t have to worry about anything. Hi-Cartagena team is here to help you with transportation, entertainment and accommodation arrangements. While you are in Cartagena, one of the places you should visit is the island and beaches. What you need is boat for a ride to all the Cartagena Island.

Spend your weekend navigating around Playa Blanca or Rosario Island. Sail on this beautiful Island and watch as the sun sets around Cartagena bay. We will take you through every step of booking and trip. Hi-Cartagena we are here to pick at the airport, drive to your destination and arrange amazing boat ride for you. This is not just a boa…

The Ideal Vacation at Medellin - Hi Cartagena

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you want to relax with an ideal vacation? Medellin is the perfect option for you. Situated in the mountainous province of Colombia, Medellin is away from the busy city life and acts as an ideal vacation spot. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains which helps you cater to your life. Years ago, Medellin was referred to as “murder capital” or one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, it has turned out to be an ideal hipster vacation spot.

If you are looking to spend some time in Medellin, you should try out the luxury house rentals Medellin. They are the perfect option for you. However, we at Hi Cartagena do understand that getting a new place for staying can turn out to be annoying, especially when it is in an unknown city. It is for this reason that Hi Cartagena has teamed with various House mansions and apartments for your comfortable stay.
So, why should you rent a luxury house? This is a pretty comm…